Want to work on your following? Lindy on Sproul is excited to present a lindy hop workshop just for you! With a focus on technique, style, and improvisation, come take lessons from two fantastic instructors, Amanda Collins and Nicole Zuckerman, who will tackle these concepts from a follower's perspective.

This workshop is right for you if:
(a) you want to improve your following.
(b) you understand the basics (or more!) of leading.
We intend this workshop to be for students of both roles - the specific techniques will apply to following, and we will give everyone an opportunity to practice as followers and to facilitate that practice by leading. Whether you consider following to be your primary or secondary role, this workshop has tons of goodies for you to improve both your following and your understanding of the roles of the dance.

Cost: $10 for students, $15 for public at the door only
Location: 228 Hearst Gym at UC Berkeley
Time: 5-8 PM on Saturday, March 10th, followed by a 1-hour practica from 8-9 PM

More information, including the schedule will be released as we near the date. For now, save the date! We'll see you there.

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