Ambidancetrous Showcase

Sunday Evening

Here in the Bay Area, we pride ourselves on promoting learning both dance roles, as we consider it not only a way to break down historically restrictive concepts of gender and dancing, but also simply because it means more people can dance together! 


Last year, our Lindy Exchange featured a 30-second Ambidancestrous Showcase for all of those who wanted a stage to show off their skills as both leaders and followers. This year, we're at it again! On Sunday night during the first band break, we will be featuring all the mini performances that people have prepared to strut their ambidancestrous stuff! 


Here are some important guidelines:

- Choreo must be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long

- Choreo must include role switching (duh!)

- Choreo must include at least 2 dancers, no more than 8


Cost to enter: Free

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